What is Your Favorite Netflix Series and Why

love on the spectrum

Why Spend Time Watching Movies?

I first knew I wanted to make films when my dad brought home a camcorder in 1993. My sisters and I would recreate movie scenes with our Barbies and record them. Though we remade many nostalgic 90’s movies, our favorite was Jurassic Park. There is a reason Hollywood continues to extend the Jurassic Park saga. Movies, specifically the original Jurassic Park, if made well are an intoxicating cocktail of visuals, music, and emotion-stirring storylines. Without an emotional pull on the heart, movies are like a half-baked cake. It might look good, but you may walk away feeling unsatisfied.

The Best Netflix Series

I went to Colorado Film School as soon as I graduated high school. One of my instructors said the reason we watch movies is to feel connected. We love stories that make us feel warm inside, and that is exactly what “Love on the Spectrum” does for me. This series gives the viewer the opportunity to step inside someone else’s life. It is not exactly “PC” to watch the behavior of people with Autism, however, one cannot help but be curious. “Love on the Spectrum” does not leave room for political correctness, because it gives us permission to let us watch and root for the hero. They are all heroes! Even the dates that do not work out are beautiful and lovely in nature because they are all genuine people in pursuit of love. When it does work out, we can guarantee that the heartstrings will be pulled ever so fervently.

Deep Desires Put into Words

Love cannot be put into words. We can try, but the English language does a poor job at describing the unquantifiable. When we hear something true, though, it resonates down to our bones. We laugh because we do not believe it can be described as well as we heard it. Each cast member of the Netflix series is asked what their ideal partner is like. Responses range from, “She can’t smoke, she can’t gamble, and she can’t take drugs, because they ruin your body, your mind, and your spirit.” to, “I’ve got pictures of girls in my brain right now. They look cute and it makes me feel like I’m going to love them,” (Love on the Spectrum, YouTube, “What Makes an Ideal Partner“. As a filmmaker, I think in pictures, and I can resonate with the second comment. It also punches you in the gut because each character tells it like it is. There is no beating around the bush for such a gray topic. I think people who do not have Autism struggle with that and can quite frankly learn from them.

One for the Ages

This show will go down in history as one of the best series on love that Netflix has ever produced. We all have a sense that everyone deserves love, no matter how heartbreaking or intoxicating it may feel. When we watch this show, we feel a connection and go through all the feelings the cast member experiences. One of the characters from the show, Michael, sums it up perfectly. He says, “Every person must be loved in some capacity. It’s something that every person in life needs. It’s a must-have,” (Love on the Spectrum, YouTube, “The Importance of Finding Love“. Both love and this show will endure for a long time.