about scott cooper miami

Scott Cooper is the founder and CEO of Scott Cooper Miami (SCM), an online Miami lifestyle brand. SCM strives to support local businesses and improve Miami’s tourism industry through the production of engaging, educational content.

As a successful business owner, Scott Cooper advocates for the accessibility of higher education and the study of Business Management, Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Education, and Fitness. Scott Cooper Miami believes in breaking down the barriers that prevent students from reaching their full potential.


Scott Cooper focused on business management, Throughout his undergraduate career, Cooper joined various extracurricular activities, including the entrepreneurship club. This experience inspired Cooper to pursue a lifelong career of operating and organizing various business ventures.


Scott Cooper worked in the financial sector where he learned about the funding and budgeting behind business ventures. Cooper states that this experience was crucial to his early entrepreneurial success. After five years of working in the financial sector, Cooper left to pursue his entrepreneur dreams. Teaming up with coworkers and friends, Scott Cooper’s entrepreneur projects led him to periods of failure and success, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

After over 15 years working in this fast paced environment, Cooper decided it was time for a new venture: Scott Cooper Miami. His love for Miami has always been strong, however, after living in Miami for over 20 years, he noticed the ebb and flow of tourists had some disastrous effects on local businesses and citizens. This motivated Cooper to create a platform that shared the unique aspects of Miami, from the spots of multicultural expression and over the top night life attractions, to family-friendly events. Scott Cooper Miami aims to educate visitors and locals on what makes Miami the best international city in the world. Miami offers something for everyone.

Today, Cooper is focusing his energy on SCM and offers consulting services for individuals starting their own businesses.


Scott Cooper Miami values creativity, innovation, loyalty, and commitment.  These values have proved to be crucial in creating long-term successful entrepreneurial ventures and fostering a personal connection with others.