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Scott Cooper Scholarship

The Scott Cooper Miami

Today’s young generation will be key contributors as our leaders of tomorrow. The Scott Cooper Miami scholarships are offered to students that are in Business Management, Marketing, Communications, Film, Theater, Journalism, Education or Fitness programs in an accredited college/university in the U.S. or Canada.

As leaders of tomorrow, students in these programs will be directly responsible for the many facets of business operations that organizations in the future will rely on in order to bring business sales & revenue.

The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship program is inspiring today’s leaders in the classroom to become tomorrow’s leaders in a business environment. This scholarship program is in place to aid post-secondary students in establishing themselves in the job market, providing students with the tools to succeed in their studies.

The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship program provides students with a one-time scholarship worth $1,000.00 (USD/CAD) to any post-secondary student who has accepted an offer at an accredited U.S. or Canadian post-secondary institution. The eligible programs are listed below:

  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Film
  • Theater
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Fitness

For consideration of a $1,000 scholarship from the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Program, you are required to write an essay of 200 to 300 words:

Instructions for Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Applicants

Step 1: Read the Article

  • Please read the following article highlighting the impact of the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship in the Miami New Times:

Step 2: Social Media Engagement

  • Share the article on your preferred social media platform.

  • Start a discussion around its content. You may ask questions, share personal insights, or explain how the scholarship could impact you or your community.

Step 3: Tagging and Hashtags

  • Tag relevant organizations, community leaders, or influencers who would be interested in the positive work of the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship.

  • Use the hashtag #ScottCooperMiami when sharing the article.

Step 4: Submit Proof

  • Capture a screenshot or provide a direct link to your social media post as part of your essay.

Step 5: Reflect

  • Answer the scholarship application question related to this article, providing a 200-300-word reflection on its content, its resonance with you, and the impact it could have on your community.


 Eligibility & Application Details

  • Must currently attend or have been accepted by an accredited College/University in Canada or the U.S.
  • Applicants must detail (in 250 to 300 words) one of the three essay choices above.
  • The deadline to submit essays is November 15, 2023
  • The scholarship award winners will be publicly announced around December 1, 2023.
  • Students in undergraduate or graduate programs are eligible for the scholarship prize.
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