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The Political Storm: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vs California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are engaged in a political disagreement over the transportation of South American migrants to Sacramento. Sixteen migrants from Venezuela and Colombia were transported from Texas to New Mexico and then flown to Sacramento. Another group of 20 migrants arrived later. With the objective of fostering a deeper understanding of [...]

ChatGPT Scholarship Essay Winners

ChatGPT: The AI Apocalypse

As an AI language model, ChatGPT has the potential to be incredibly harmful for human intelligence, if it falls into the wrong hands. Like any technology, it has the potential for misuse, which can have a variety of negative effects on [...]

Andrew Tate vs. Greta Thunberg Scholarship Essay Winners

Andrew Tate vs. Greta Thunberg & the Timing of it All

The Humbling of Andrew Tate Everyone deserves a good ol’ humbling once in a while. Tate had it coming; no one should be surprised. What’s surprising is that, of all people, it was Greta Thunberg. Despite being only 18 years old, [...]

Fall of Kanye West

The Fall of Kanye West: From Beloved to Canceled

Kanye West has crossed the line – his actions posing a danger to society. I’m a firm believer that everyone has their occasional mistakes, slip-ups, or bad days. Especially for those in the spotlight at all times, it is nearly impossible [...]

Scholarship Essay Winners The American Dream

How I Am Living My American Dream as the Child of Veterans

I am a military dependent. Those two words hold deep meaning for me. They mean growing up with a sense of duty to serve others. Growing up in a household with two veterans was an invaluable experience that has prepared me [...]

Queen of Spades

Blame it all on the Queen of Spades

It was a winter day. I was sitting in the empty classroom and looking down at my answer sheet marked with a red pen all over the place. The numbers and equations were getting blurry, and suddenly I heard a silent [...]

Netflix Scholarship Essay Winners

What is Your Favorite Netflix Series and Why

Why Spend Time Watching Movies? I first knew I wanted to make films when my dad brought home a camcorder in 1993. My sisters and I would recreate movie scenes with our Barbies and record them. Though we remade many nostalgic [...]

Scholarship Essay Winners Will Smith & Chris Rock

Will Smith, Chris Rock, & The Slap Heard Around The World

Celebrities Get A Free Pass According to the Oxford Dictionary, “accountability” is defined as the fact or condition of being required or expected to justify or take responsibility for one’s actions and decisions. Accountability is a principle we begin teaching our [...]