Andrew Tate vs. Greta Thunberg & the Timing of it All

The Humbling of Andrew Tate

Everyone deserves a good ol’ humbling once in a while. Tate had it coming; no one should be surprised. What’s surprising is that, of all people, it was Greta Thunberg. Despite being only 18 years old, this climate activist managed to destroy the 36-year-old man with a single tweet, hitting home run after home run.

The story then only precedes to get more bizarre because, of course, it does with the Romanian authorities getting involved and arresting Andrew Tate (due to rape and human trafficking allegations) since it was through the tweet exchange they found out he was even in the country.

Do I find the ending of this epic saga satisfying? Yes, I do. I’m glad that happened to him in public, and I’m glad he is now facing the consequences of his actions. Tate is an incredibly arrogant person with a dark past, that needs to be dealt with, so his tweet exchange with Thunberg was needed but also had really interesting timing.

Bucharest, Romania – January 25, 2023: Andrew Tate and his brother leave the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism DIICOT where their phones and laptops were searched; Photo Contributor: LCV

As I write this, Vice World News reports that Tate sent multiple messages to a young woman in 2013, claiming that he wanted to rape her, and that the justice system did nothing for the woman for years. The voice notes were released, and they are hard to listen to and frightening for a woman to listen to. I can only hope that she gets justice for what was done to her.

It looks like Andrew Tate is guilty of many things, and no one can deny that if we do something wrong, we must atone for it somehow. In this case, only prison can atone. Andrew Tate is someone who I have heard about in multiple spheres. not only in mainstream media but also on the Muslim side of social media.

Andrew Tate and Islam

Andrew Tate recently reverted to Islam a few months ago, and I am a Muslim woman. I’m well aware of the twisted things Tate has said about women in the past, and of what he has said about Islam as well. But while the news was focusing so much on Andrew Tate’s sudden rise on social media, they seemed to have missed what was going on on the Muslim side of social media.

A viral clip of Andrew Tate praising Islam went viral on social media over the summer, and many Muslims unaware of who Tate was were pleased to see someone with some amount of fame actually say something nice about their religion, and their way of life. And so of course Muslims wanted to teach him more about the religion, he was invited on podcasts, to mosques, and so on, and soon the news came out that Andrew Tate had reverted to Islam.

Now, of course, the story doesn’t end there. Muslim women wanted to know if, now that Tate was a Muslim, he would still say bad things about women. advocate for violence against them, when these ideas are antithetical to Islam? This was answered soon after his reversion on a podcast he did with Mohammed Hijab, a philosopher and author. Tate went on to say that he believed rapists deserved to be executed and that he no longer felt inferior to men, but rather that we are different yet complementary. a statement that is miles better than what he has said in the past.

Has he implemented this thinking yet? Who knows. Then the Greta Thunberg situation happened, and to me, it was a culmination of so many things, which is why I found the timing interesting. Tate’s tweets, as well as the majority of what he has said in countless interviews, particularly in the last year, reveal one thing about him: he is incredibly arrogant; he needed to be humbled. He is constantly talking about his cars (which have now been taken away from him) and going on about how he is one of the strongest men on the planet (but is now handcuffed).

Greta Thunberg Knocks Out Andrew Tate

Greta Thunberg, the Famous Swedish Climate Activist (Fridays for Future), Speaking to the Crowd in Rome, 2019. In February 2021 Her Effigies Were Burned in Delhi After Tweets on Indian Farmers Protest; Photo Credit: Daniele COSSU

Andrew Tate From He came at a young woman who wants to heal the planet bragging about his number of cars and telling her how much gas he used, disrespecting her stance on their use. And then she gives such a savage reply, and they go back and forth to the point where he gets arrested and she gets the last word. A woman humiliating him in front of the entire world and having the final say? Oh, that must have enraged him. I want to look at the timeline here, Tate has a dark past, he then goes viral online, he reverts to Islam, and he engages in a tweet exchange with Greta Thunberg, which then leads to his arrest. I think the chain of events is interesting, and that there is more in store.

Perhaps it is due to my religious background, but I think there is a deeper reasoning to all of this, that there is a bigger power at play here, that Tate going to court and quite possibly prison is needed, and that him getting ridiculed online is also needed. Perhaps isolation and really thinking about his past are what Tate needs, as well as spiritual guidance. I’m glad that Tate, who has a lot of fans, is now falling apart in front of a lot of people. This will serve as a warning to people who try to copy his bad behavior. The tweet exchange was surprising, entertaining, and downright shocking, it was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and quite possibly a catalyst for the events that followed. I hope that Tate takes the time to reflect and change, and that justice is served. Call it wishful thinking? I call it faith.

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