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Scholarship Winners Announced

The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship of Florida
Announces Two New Awards

JANUARY 27, 2020


The first award recipient was Heidi Greenfield of Seal Beach, California. Heidi currently attends Pepperdine University. “I am honored to be chosen for the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship award!” said Heidi, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue my education.” Heidi’s essay suggested a traditional approach to grant all immigrants temporary work visas with a path to citizenship but also focused on “reducing the animosity towards immigrants by ensuring everyone is contributing toward a better society.”

The second award recipient was Erica Rawlins of Snelville, Georgia. Erica currently attends Syracuse University. “The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship is such a blessing, especially in my final semester at Syracuse University.” said Erica, “I am eternally grateful to this organization for pouring into my academic career.” Erica’s essay suggested a unique approach to the immigration crisis. Rather than continue to vilify our nation’s immigrants, her suggestion was to relocate immigrants to small towns across the United States where young residents have been historically fleeing for better work opportunities in the city.

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Scholarship Winners: Scott Cooper Miami Project

Scott Cooper Miami Announces Scholarship Winners

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Scott Cooper Miami is pleased to announce that two winners have been selected for the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship. “There were many impressive applicants but two stood out. Madisyn Travisano and Renee Yan will each receive $500 to put towards their education,” said Scott Cooper.

“Wow thank you so much for this award. I’m so grateful for this and to your organization!” said Madisyn Travisano.

“Thank you so much for the scholarship. I am so grateful and appreciate it so much, said Renee Yan.

Madisyn Travisano is currently a sophomore at Seton Hall University. Madisyn is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Sports Media and Political Science. The public figure she chose to write her essay about was Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain. Madisyn correctly stated in her essay, her choice “isn’t necessarily someone that most people in my generation would pick.”

Renee Yan is currently a freshman at the University of Buffalo and is majoring in biology. The public figure she chose to write her essay about was Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for female education. Malala spoke out against the Taliban and was the victim of a failed assassination attempt. She is also the youngest Nobel Laureate. Renee stated that “not everyone is fortunate enough to get an education” and “when I hear girls who aren’t grateful for their education, I try to remind them what Malala had to go through for her’s.”

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Madisyn Travisano

Seton Hall University, Sophomore

Most Admired Public Figure
  Winston Churchill

Renee Yan

University of Buffalo, Freshman

Most Admired Public Figure
Malala Yousafzai

Winston Churchill
Malala Yousafzai