The Racial Injustice In Present Day America

Racial Injustice Scott Cooper Miami


When Will Racial Injustice End?

Every day little black boys and girls are having “the talk” with their parents, and it is not the birds and the bees talk. They are told to always put their hands up when being approached by a cop, to not make any sudden movements, and to never be alone with a cop. This is not the talk black Americans should be having with their children at such a young age. This, along with many more reasons, is why I support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is not only bringing police brutality to light but also bringing awareness to the issues of racial equality in America.

Racial Injustice and Police Brutality

Before this movement police brutality was always present but it is highlighting how much of a greater risk black people are going to fall a victim of. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were not only a victim of it, they were killed simply because of their skin tone. Countless videos have been recorded of black individuals being pulled over and recording the officer that pulled them over because they believe that is the only way anyone will believe that the officer has violated their rights.

Racial Injustice Miami

All Lives Matter

George and Breonna, along with countless more, made many Americans realize how much racial injustice there still is in America today. Many believe that the protesting has died down from this movement, but it is still going strong after two months and 8 days. Countries all over the world have realized what is occurring in America and have joined this movement. Many individuals think that this movement is saying that black lives matter more than other races, it is not saying that. This movement is not saying “only black lives matter” it is saying “all lives can’t matter until black lives matter as well.”

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